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9 Interesting Ways the Youth Can Boost their Faith in Christ

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Unity Org | 0 comments

Faith moves mountains. And, it’s the ethical and moral compass you need to permeate the world.

According to existing evidence, faith is beyond individual religious practices. It’s increasingly being adopted in the public space due to its ability to impact different aspects of social and economic life.

People of great faith increasingly become part of organizations that tackle various global challenges. This shows the essence of and role that leaders of great faith play in communities. They’re social change drivers.

Does Faith Matter?

A survey was conducted to help understand the essence of faith in the modern society. According to the Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith, a part of the World Economic Forum, faith plays an essential role in the society.

The survey report showed that spirituality and faith have a positive effect on the modern society. The survey findings revealed that religious beliefs have an important role in public life. The survey renews people’s collective understanding of the role of religion in the modern society.

Furthermore, it indicates that a belief or faith in a supernatural being or higher power is widespread worldwide. However, this belief isn’t necessarily linked to a specific type of religion.

Therefore, focusing on your faith daily is important to being resilient and prepared to go where you want. This explains the need for the youth to boost their faith in a supernatural being, Jesus Christ.

The youth are the future generation.


Strong faith can help them become resilient to overcome the many challenges the youth experience in life. With faith, they can overcome tough times and do the unimaginable. Here’re a few ways the youth can boost their faith in Jesus Christ:

9 Tips and Fun Activities the Youth Can Adopt to Boost their Faith

  1. Strength training

What makes you strong?

Do you find strength in listening to music, reading or working out? Indulge in the things that make you strong and keep doing them to boost your faith.

Stay true to these strength-building activities likely to nourish your soul and strengthen your faith.

  • Embrace grief

Have you experienced a loss? Grief and loss go hand in hand.

Don’t be afraid to grieve for your loss. Feel and experience the sadness that comes with your loss to heal from it.

Acknowledge and accept your situation to overcome it. You’re allowed to weep for it, call out for it or even name it as you mourn.

The Almighty God, a supreme being, is always listening. He’ll hear your cries and answer your prayers.

  • Develop patience

Life is full of uncertainty, hence you need patience to deal with many surprises life throws your way. Patience allows you to boost your faith around life’s uncertainty and surprises.

Everyone has a purpose in life. And, with patience, you learn your purpose. This way, you can live a more fulfilling life.

  • Always be on the watch out

Be watchful of everything you do.

Watch your steps and take note of how you rebound and fill the empty space in your life. Most importantly, be true to yourself.

Learn to differentiate your faith from a need to start feeling something, especially if it isn’t in line with your values and core beliefs in life.

  • Indulge in a fun activity

The youth can take part in physical activities they find fun and interesting to keep themselves busy. This is also a great way to boost your faith.

For instance, indulge in painting activities to keep your mind active. Choose simple guides to help you make the purchase. With the right tools such as those at, you’ll paint your walls in the right colors and hues.

  • Receive more faith

You can easily resist faith.


Instead of trying to resist faith, be more receptive to it. Faith is a resistible gift of grace from God. He gives the willpower to receive or resist faith and other gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Surrender your soul, spirit, heart and mind to receive faith. Open up to allow yourself to receive faith in abundance. Eventually, it’ll manifest in your life more over time. This means that the more faith you receive, the stronger it becomes.

  • Stay positive

Challenges and trials in life only test your faith. After going through a tough situation, look for the small good things in your life to focus on.

No good experience or thought is an accident, no matter how small it is. The positives are meant to remind you of your life purpose and the good things you’ll get in your future life. As a result, you boost your hope and faith.

The power of positivity can help you think positively and act positively, eventually boosting your faith.

  • Take action

Take action to practice faith and boost it. Choose charity causes and people who touch your heart the most to engage with in whatever action you want to take.

Volunteer in your local community, spend more time with your loved ones or support an organization you believe has the ability to make a positive difference in your life and those around.

  • Deepen your faith to strengthen it

Drown your faith in the deepest waters to boost it.

Find out what to expect in life to strengthen your faith. You need faith to take chances your heart keeps demanding that you take and do much more in life. Simply jump into the deep waters without bothering about its actual depth or the possibility of drowning. Your feet will definitely land on the right water bed without getting your head covered in the water.