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Grow Your Faith

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Unity Org | 0 comments

Do you ever wish you had a closer relationship with God? For people who want to grow in Christ, we help them experience God’s heart-satisfying presence and grow in love. They start to grow in faith and learn to become multiplying disciples.

We need to fill our minds with the goodness of God. He doesn’t want us to become stagnant. Instead, God wants us to have faith and to increase that faith.

To grow in faith means to grow spiritually.

Strong faith gives us the ability to push through hard times, enables us to grow and mature, and have constant communion with Jesus Christ. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, we overflow with revelation, blessings and thankfulness.

Consistency and commitment will turn into a yield worth harvesting. The best way to grow is to surround ourselves with believers.  That is why we need friends who know Christ at about our same level.

The Bible is the Word of God—His special instructions to us. Become familiar with the Bible and reflect on the truth whenever things seem otherwise.