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Guide to Arranging Activities for our Community Elders

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Good News | 0 comments

Guide to Arranging Activities for our Community Elders



What are some of the benefits of arranging activities for our elders?

Activities are an excellent way for elders to maintain their independence, stay engaged with the community, and socialize. When arranging activities for our elders, it is essential to keep in mind that they might not enjoy all of the same things or be able to do certain things as well as others can. For example, some elders may have hearing difficulties, so games with many sounds might not be enjoyable.

Activities for the elders are suitable for their physical health and will help their mental health. Keeping them healthy will also make them happy because if they are not feeling well, that will also affect their mental health.

Activities should also be tailored to the needs and abilities of our elders. If they are unable or unwilling to participate in a proposed move, it might not be a good idea for them to continue with this type of thing, even if others enjoy it. Creating activities for these different groups will help keep everyone happy.

How can we make sure to support and encourage them in their hobbies of choice?

Maybe they don’t have anyone to play cards with. They need someone other than their grandchild, who is now too busy as a college student or starting work in the city, to spend time with them on weekends and evenings.

Perhaps you’re not sure what activities your elders are interested in; consider making a list of what the seniors what to do and cross match it, so you will know which of our elders fits the other elder’s activities. Group activities will be good for them, so they have someone to talk to while doing their actions because it is not always that their families are present with them.

Make sure to create activities that involve their family members. Most of the time, what our seniors want is to be with family. Family members are usually busy thinking and create activities, so it will be a lot of help if the activities are already planned, and they will need to participate.

What should we do if they don’t like any of the activities that have been planned?

The answer is not to give up. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to call and talk with the senior center staff members or community elders themselves if they are available. They may be able to tell you what they enjoy doing that fits your budget constraints. You might also ask them how often they would like to have activities. Communication is the key to be successful in this.

These are the activities that would be appropriate for our elders:

  • Picnics – A lovely day out in the sun! This could be exclusive for seniors and their family members or all the seniors together. Our elders like to talk and share life experiences. This will be a good time for that, and you might as well learn something from them.
  • Community events – Going to a festival or parade is lovely for everyone, but there are so many different types of celebrations and trains that you can attend. Go with your elders and see what they’re interested in seeing!
  • Special days – Are their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special day coming up? They might be a little shy about it, but they’ll appreciate the thought.
  • Exercise classes (walking, yoga, Zumba) – These activities will be beneficial to them as they will be able to exercise and enjoy themselves simultaneously. Plus, they’ll have their friends with them.
  • Community gardens – Our elders are always so eager to get out in the sun and be busy. This will give them a chance to do that! They can also feel proud once they’ve grown something for themselves or other family members.
  • Small tournaments – look for sports they would like and enjoy, which is also appropriate for their age. An excellent example of this is golf. Golf is a popular sport amongst elders. Thus, organizing a tournament would undoubtedly make them happy. However, ensure you provide suitable golf gear and equipment, especially golf clubs. There are lightweight clubs specially made for their needs so they can easily carry them. Also, ensure there are sufficient batteries for the golf carts. You might need to get high-quality devices that can power your carts so they can effortlessly move around on the course.


This blog post has given you a helpful guide for arranging activities with your elders. What are some other ways that you have found to keep your elders engaged in the community? Share below, and we’ll add them to our list!


It’s no secret that our community’s elders need extra help and attention. They have so much to offer but don’t always get the chance to show their talents or spend time with others who care about them. This guide will provide you with some tips for arranging activities for your elders based on their preferences and needs!


Why is it important to plan activities for our elders?

You want to make sure you find various activities for your elders to keep them engaged and stimulated. As they grow old, they may feel that they are being left behind. We need to appreciate that they are still alive and deserve to be treated with respect. Taking note that some of them have illnesses and disabilities, we have to find ways to be included in things.

You want the activities you choose for your elders to be engaging and stimulating. You may wish to visit some of their old haunts from when they were younger and see what new changes are happening there now. This will allow them to remember memories and share them with you. You may want to take a walk around the neighborhood and see what’s happening in people’s yards or have your elders play cards with their friends over Skype.