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Tips for Effective Evangelism

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Good News | 0 comments

Passionate about reaching the world with the word just as Jesus commanded in Mark 16:15? It’s necessary to exhibit the best attitude and take appropriate measures to avoid discouraging a soul during an evangelism outreach.

Whether you’re evangelizing to your family, colleagues, people on the streets, patients in the hospital, or prisoners, these practical tips to win souls for Christ would help you do that:

1. Pray and Invite the Holy Spirit

First, you must know that non-believers aren’t saved by what you say, so don’t pressurize yourself with speaking the perfect words. Praying for the individual is the priority; through prayer, people will open their hearts to the gospel.

While praying, ask the holy spirit to take over. Pray that he guides you to speak only the right things and to express the right attitude so that you don’t become a stumbling block.

2. Dress Appropriately

Personal appearance plays a vital role since your appearance may cause an attitude of trust or distrust in the listener. Present a good self-image as it’s human for people to judge the external image.

3. Have Good Human Relationships

The Bible invites us to establish good human relationships with all individuals (Rom. 12:18), and in this case, courtesy is a practical element to win friends for God. Introduce with an affectionate greeting. This courtesy measure is very favorable because it makes the person feel respected and important.

4. Share Your Testimony

It’s important to share your testimony and story genuinely as it can be persuasive. The one you’re evangelizing to would want to know your experiences with Jesus. Tell them how you got to know the real Christ and what he has done for you. Talk about his peace and love. 

5. Carry a Hopeful Message.

On many occasions, preachers with a heart overflowing with love for their neighbor carry a message that contradicts their good intentions, where judgment and condemnation are the main points of discussion, however, the true hopeful message is the love of Christ.

Moreover, traditionally, we have become used to drawing people to Christ out of fear of hell, but it’s more effective for them to come after the love of Christ. You have to pray if you understand that something is wrong, not to condemn anyone for their way of dressing or something else.

6. Use a Language at the Cultural Level of the Listener

Take into account the culture of language; this measure will place you at the level of the listener and help achieve an easy understanding of the message.

Speak to the evangelized person naturally and without exotic words.

7. Speak in a Conversational Tone

It’s prudent while evangelizing to keep your voice in a normal tone; this tip will give an aspect of naturalness to the conversation.

8. Be Conscious of Time

It’s beneficial to manage time wisely in evangelizing in the street since the people who pass through them have some destination, so they don’t have enough time to stop to listen to someone.

9. Use Biblical Passages

The lack of thorough biblical preparation will make you flop. There are many people who, when it comes to evangelizing, teach extra-biblical and anti-biblical principles and concepts that distort the actual values ​​of the word of God. For example, they present a righteous and cruel God instead of a just and merciful God.

To avoid misinterpretations and applications of biblical texts, study the word and undertake courses and fundamental studies on biblical interpretation in your church.

10. Understand Soul Cravings

Endeavor to identify the passion, desires, and purpose of the listener. Urge them to express their soul craving to you. That way, you can sensitively help them recognize that through Christ, they can find the satisfaction of all their passions and purpose. 

11. Invite

At the end of the conversation, invite the listener to the temple. For this, you must carry cards with the address, telephone number, calendars of services, and the name of your pastor, and, if possible, your name.

12. Respect Religious Ideologies

Respect the religious ideology of the listener. It’s not very useful to start discussions on the religious aspect since you might only achieve a confrontation between the opposing parties, and injuries and offenses might occur, thus ruining the opportunity to make friends and spread the gospel.

13. Be Helpful

If necessary, help the evangelized with clothes, money, etc. The evangelism of Christ must be integral, including the social aspect in the evangelistic activity; this will help to win friends for the gospel and will also cover many needs.

14. Be Patient

Wait for the right moment to call for conversion. Conversion of a person doesn’t happen suddenly, but it’s a process that takes time. You must evangelize with patience and await God to do the work cause you can’t force your listeners.

15. Don’t Stop People on the Street

You shouldn’t stop people while they walk, but go along with them while passing the message.

16. Be an Inspiration

Evangelism isn’t just about going out to persuade people into a relationship with Christ. It’s also about converting souls to God through our conduct in our environment, such as our neighborhood, workplace, and other avenues. Be an epitome of Jesus gospel; be kind and respectful and represent Jesus appropriately.

By adhering to these tips, you can be sure to win souls for Christ. Besides, a coffee espresso machine is the easiest means of making your coffee before starting your day. Get one to feel good before hitting the street to evangelize.